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The Embalse de Riano in northern Spain. The picture was taken by .... me!

Monday, February 1

Black eye

Baby has a black eye. My fault, in that while trying to stop her running into the busy canteen kitchen I knocked her over, and she fell against the edge of a metal trolley tray.

My son

Please pray for my son, who is going through a very difficult time socially. His 7 best friends all wind him up severly, and all have deep emotional needs (many already with their own social workers). He feels burdened by their cares, at a time when he should be concentrating on GCSEs. I think I can see good pastoral and counselling skills emerging in him, but he is too closely involved in these cases and needs to find a way to back off without emotional blackmail.

Sitting here....(work hopes)

I'm on a "Flood Risk Management" short course at Cranfield University this week. Long lunchbreaks - hence time to catch up on blog.

Still unemployed, but some hopes. I've had two interviews recently, which both went reasonably well. For one, I've got a second interview this Wednesday. I will have to skive off the course for an afternoon. That would be for a permanent staff job and would be based 100 to 200 miles from home. Moving is inconcievable with my family, so I'd have to rent a bedsit. Being a staff job the income would be lower than I used to get as a freelancer, so I'd be paying for two homes out of a low [relatively] salary. The other interview was much more hopeful: freelance work (yipee!) close to home (yipee!) and they liked me very much indeed. The downsides: they still have to win the work from THEIR cient (and will be using my CV to do so), and when the work comes in it may rather too short term. But the ultimate client has a legal requirement to do the work, a budget for it, and a deadline for it, but no person to do it. So it's looking good. Also, its work which is much closer to my experience than the staff job.

My prayer is that I will be offere one job but not the other, to save me making difficult choices of low pay stable v high pay unstable.