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The Embalse de Riano in northern Spain. The picture was taken by .... me!

Friday, May 27

General catch up

Mrs has started her new rheumatoid arthritis drug - Humira. She has only had two injections so far- the first was administered by the nurse and hurt, the second she did herself and it was fine. Improvements should be seen between 2 weeks and three months of starting. In her first fortnight, there does seem to have been some inkling of improvement and she surprised herself with a longer walk than she has done for ages. But its hard to tell given the daily variation in the disease. However, we are hopeful.

She has had a number of encounters with people from our old church, all of which have helped convince us that moving was the right thing. Much of this centres around our toddler's current phase of biting children in nurseries and playgroups, and the negative attitude the self-proclaimed 'experts' at our old church have had towards her as a result. But we did have a nice letter from one of the wardens, who hit exactly the right note. If it was just her we would go back!

Despite the biting phase, which will end eventually, our daughter seems extraordinarily bright. I know all parents think this about their kids. But she's not three yet and already handling words like 'Pterodactyl' in day to day conversation and if you say a number she will point to the right one on the chart. And she's pretty.

Child 3 (17) passed his driving test. Great! Lowest insurance quote £6500. Bad!

Children 3 and 4 busy with GCSE's and AS level exams. I have been very proud of the way they work hard at revision. they deserve good marks.

My work is going well. early results form my reservoir spillway model indicate it works well.

We had great time at our church last week as the main service was closed and we were sent instead to the youth congregation in the ministry centre. Very good indeed. But there are real political difficulties in terms managing the relationship between the two congregations and persuading the older youth to transfer to the [boring] traditional Anglican main service.

Reading a great book at present "Blue Like Jazz" by Don Miller. Not everyone's cup of tea, but very honest, very deep, very refreshing. It is one of the factors in me starting to feel vaguely like a Christian again after the trauma of leaving our old church.

Thursday, May 5

General catch up

Far too long since I last blogged - still very busy - have to rush.

Holiday in Spain:

Outstanding - ticked all my boxes and many more that I didn't know I had. Reached 150% of the maximum value on the happiness scale. Saw the beaches, the camp sites, the mountains, the villages, most of the wildlife, the people, etc that I wanted to see. Really really good. Three flies in the ointment - (1) car got bent on the ferry by someone not putting his handbrake on and at the first wave .... (2) what I thought was going to be a buffet lunch with all my church friend staht I have not seen for 26 years turned out to be a private meal with one family. It was really nice, but meant I only had a brief handshae with all the others and tey never saw my family. So I'm dissapointed and they're offended. (3) ...i'm not telling you about that ....

Back home:

Nearly had a nervous breakdown dealing with stresses at home, no longer sustained by the adrenalin of upcoming holiday. Seriously - I was on the point of going to see a doctor. I am not using figures of speech, I really was worried. back on an even keel now.


Pleaded guilty to 'failing to report an accident' on a technicality, but the court pusuaded me to change my plea on the grounds of common sense. I think they are wrong and may change it back. On 'driving without due care and attention', they presumed I was guilty from the start because they hadn't read the documents and thought I had pulled out form a side road. Eventually pursuaded them that I had a reasonable view that the cyclist was overtaking dangerously. So now a new trail date has been set for 8th July, calling all witnesses including my 16 year old daughter. I need real guidance as to whether this is worth pursuing, or whether I should give up and plead guilty even though I don't feel that to be the case. It is of course a criminal case so the burden of proof is 'beyond reasonable doubt', and I should be able to win that. I would not win a civil case based on 'balance of probabilities'.


Still settling at the new place, 4 months into our 'Sabbatical'. Went to the Royal Wedding show there. Starting to make new friends. Maeanwhile Mrs wants me to write a final resignation to the old church, but she has been having more contact with her old friends there (some no longer friends) and I think it is premature to do the letter before the six months is up.


My spillway design is being sent off for physical modelling. I may stick some piccies on here in due course.