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The Embalse de Riano in northern Spain. The picture was taken by .... me!

Thursday, May 20

Joshua v Judges

I still read a bed-time story to my 10 year old. This may seem babyish, until I tel you we have been reading through the Message transation of the Bible, which while readable is still very much an adult version.

And it's good, making me read systematically too.

We have done Genesis, and Exodus, went for a lighter break to Esther, cut back to Joshua, and are now starting on Judges.

So how do I explain:

At the end of Joshua it makes plain that God has given all the land to Israel, driven out al their enemies, and fulfilled evry single one of his promises. THe at the start of Judges it makes plain that they haven't got al the land, the enemies are still there, and that he's not going to fufill all the promises owing to their disobedience?

Some of this can be explained by the chronological overlap of the books. BUt much seems like blatant contradiction.

Answers on a postcard please - or via the comments below.

But on the other hand......

My parents, being wealthy but foolish, have given me £10k to buy a more reliable car for my future commuting. This evolved into 'replace the minibus'. So I have now traded in the minibus and got a Vauxhall Zafira Exclusiv 1.6, 18 months od, 10K miles. Black. With cruise control.

I am beside myself with joy, this being the best car I have ever owned.

My kids are happy too, especially nr 3. NO more embarrasing school drop-offs in a rusty van!

My old ford KA has been deemed pretty much worthless by dealers, who would not include it in the part exchange deal. So I can either scrap it, or keep it until I can afford to fix the power steering and get an MOT on it. THen I can either keep it to teach my kids to drive in the future, or sell it or give it to a worthy cause.

(My l key has decided not to work properly today so sorry for any consequent mispellings)


8 people in the house.

7 hit by some bug or food poisoning.

It's the baby that's got away with it, and with me being the least affected I get to babysit all day, and it's not really my idea of fun.

Plus repeated emptyings of sick buckets and disinfecting of floors and toilets.

Monday, May 17

Work at last! - update


Start date delayed whie they sort out procurement procedures, and then the boss has gone on Holiday for a month. So my current start date (bearing in mind that nothing has been signed yet) is 15 June.


My 18 year old son has been sucking the jack of a 12 volt AC charger. While it was plugged in. A shocking experience.

Thursday, May 13

Some good news

My parents - having recently downsized houses - are buying me a new car. Getting a Vauxhall Zafira about 18 months old. V. Nice. Makes me V.Happy.



So I was told last week that the start date for my new job had been delayed - they have found a new level of management that needs to approve it.

It should be a formality, but if I know managers they ike to justify their existence by not simpy rubber stamping everything put to them - they ike to make their mark. So if they are given a recommendation "Take this man on".... the chances are they will say 'no'.

So my faith says they will give me the job. Years of expereince, bitterness and cynicism says they wi say 'no'.

I now feel I am back in the same situation I was a year ago, waiting for that phone cal from an employer who has given me positive indiactions but is stringing me along. And that was a year ago, and here i am in the same situation again.