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The Embalse de Riano in northern Spain. The picture was taken by .... me!

Tuesday, October 22


So my hit counter tells me I keep getting visits from 'ourmeets'.  I made the mistake of looking to see who our what this was.  Turns out its some kind of contact site, with naked ladies.  Well, one, anyway - I clicked swiftly off immediately. 

It disturbs me very much that I get this kind of link.  I want nothing to do with that world.  I have seen the damage it does.  and what is it about my primarily religious blog that attracts them?

But the good thing is that people who are having difficulty in life with an uncontrolled sexuality and who are perhaps people who might not normally think about christianity (sorry about the stereotype) might read my blog and met Jesus.

Because Jesus knows their whole life story: not just what they are doing now but everything that had led to this point.  He loves unconditionally, and calls his children home.  Respond affirmatively to him, with love and gratitude.

Edit January 2014:  I've just read up on this a little more - apparently it is deliberate spam rather than genuine searchers getting lost.  STAY AWAY FROM OURMEETS!

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