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Wednesday, August 19

Ford KA power steering fluid leak

OK, so the garage topped me up. End of noise. "Fine", I thought. But today I see I am leaving a trail of oil spots, which I expect are the new power steering fluid making a quick getaway.

A quick trawl through the web suggests this is a common problem. Solutions:

  1. Continue topping it up and polluting the environment (if I can find where the reservoir is, me not being a mechanical type)
  2. Find the leak and replace the damaged part - ie dismantle the whole front of the car and pull the pump out through the headlamp hole (not on my budget!)
  3. Try one of those fluids that blocks leaks.
Anyway - the car is seven years old, and judging by the web many people get thos problem much sooner. So I can't complain.

[Edit 10 July 2012 ...

The leak was on the steering rack, not just the pump.  I bought a new (ie refurbished) steering rack, but never got round to putting it on (long story) and have no scrapped the car but still have a spare steering rack.

So: if you need a Ford KA power steering rack, I am open to offers if you are willing to collect.  Leave a comment with your email address and I will contact you to giving approximate location (this is supposed to be an anonymous blog) and we'll take it form there.]

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