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The Embalse de Riano in northern Spain. The picture was taken by .... me!

Thursday, September 20

Funeral details

I can't get onto my blog via the office computer these days - not sure if its been blocked for some reason.  So I have to fight with my kids for the home computer in the evenings.

My Dad's funeral is on Tuesday 25th September 11am, if you want something to pray about at that moment.

My sister who lives there has done most of the organisation.  Sterling work - she deserves her full reward.

My brother will do a short factual talk about Dad's life, and because I wrote a sort of Eulogy weeks ago which they all liked, they want me to read that out.  The trouble is that if i get even slightly emotional my throat tightens up and I am physically unable to speak. 

They also want me to help as a pall bearer, which again I am reluctant to do but it will spoil the symmetry if I say no.

My main role so far has been to receive and translate and respond to all the emails of condolence from Spain where my Dad used to be a missionary.

The interesting thing is that most of them are from my generation - those who were in the youth group at the time - rather than those near his own generation.  They all said how much he had impacted their lives at the time.

So maybe my Dad was not as useless as he often felt.

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