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The Embalse de Riano in northern Spain. The picture was taken by .... me!

Monday, September 10

General update

Thats an inspring post title, isn't it?

I've been unable to get on blogger for a while.

Daughter's first day at school today!  Proud parents!

Bit more awkward with the older kids.  Third son starting at Uni next week.  Big row with Mrs - she wants to come on the trip to drop him off, spending the night in a hotel in the area and trying out a church for him on the Sunday.  He doesn't want her to come because she will change a quick there-and-back (it's only 2 hours drive) into a massive expedition with lots of hassle.  She therefore feels her whole motherhood is being rejected.  I tried to help her understand how he feels and his need to stike out on his own independently - so now I'm in the dog house for taking his side.  I've tried to explain to him how she feels, and I think he understands, but still really doesn't want her to come.  And if she did come, she would feel very awkward and unwanted.  Big mess.  Don't know how we will have a peaceful and pleasnt send off for him now.

Coming back to that daughter - she got hold of my Samsung Galaxy SII phone which has a "Swype" keyboard - you slide your finger across the letters and it guesses the right word nearly all of the time.  In the hands of a 4 year old, she nearly sent this message to my otehr son: "Moved to booze Go I jk moll weekend Al fee meow Lankaf".  That would have confused him, I think.  But I do love Swype!

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