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Monday, September 3

Mrs' midlife crisis continues

Mrs has submitted her application to do a theology MA.  This is because we still haven't sorted our financial position, precluding us from submitting ordination applications, so she feels a theology MA will set her on the right road and abbreviate things later on.  However, it is a very late application, and the chances of getting on for a September start are very low.  Plus there is the slight matter of the cost of the course, and the timing of required payments.  Not helped by Cameron's goverment cutting our child tax credit which will make a phenomenal 17% hole in our budget.  This is partly God training us for the priesthood, which involves living on a much more frugal income - but its not as though we were living a profligate lifestyle before.  Also our house has still not sold, preventing her from developing the single parent's ministry in the way she hoped, so the Theology MA is another way of using the year proftiably rather han just wasting it.  Our youngest child will be at school full time now, so Mrs will have much longer to do her own thing.  And in the last judgement God will ask her how she used her time for the Kingdom of God, not how prissily-kept the house was.

So all of that is going on in the background.

But today's news from the rheumatologist is that she may need to have both knees replaced.

This would give her a new lease of life.  But the earliest they can do it is January.  She would need a week offf for the op and the six weeks recovery.  So that would kill the idea of doing an MA this year, without answering the question of what she should do to fill her days in between.  Or she could put off the op till next summer - but that's a long period of painful and limiting disability to live with!

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