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Wednesday, July 3

Great news on the ordination front

Mrs is beginning to make progress towards ordination.

Followers of this blog will know that we have always felt that our Vicar had prejudices about her that would always be an obstacle to her making progress in this direction. And I think I reported before that she had met with him and he said he wanted to see her initiating more things. After that she wrote him a long letter – well more to the point a short letter with a 15 page appendix – in which she detailed all of her initiatives over the last twenty years, most of which he has overlooked.

Well it seems to have done the trick.

He arranged another meeting with her, this time with our assistant minister present too.

That was yesterday afternoon. I was at work, but held my breath and prayed a lot while she was in there.

It was basically an interview. He seemed really impressed by her document, and she spoke confidently (for a change) backed up with the things she has recently been learning n her MA.

So the meeting culminated with him giving her the phone number for the DDO’s office which is tantamount to an endorsement of her desire to be ordained.

I cannot state strongly enough what a breakthrough this is. We know there will be many difficulties along the way, but we have always seen getting our own Vicar’s buy-in as being the biggest obstacle of all.


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