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The Embalse de Riano in northern Spain. The picture was taken by .... me!

Monday, July 1

Day of the wild women

So, you've been following my gender traffic survey?

In today's morning commute, I was overtaken by more women than men.  And they didn't just inch past me - they were flying! ... hunched over the wheel, pedal to the metal, teeth clenched in determined grimaces.

Female overtakers outnumbered men by 4 to 3.

Female overtakers outnumbered female 'overtakees' by 2 to 1.

(As with all my commutes, this was a very small sample - 22 drivers of which 12 were women.  Overall, it's still 66% of men encountered that overtake me and 58% of women encountered that overtake me, both measured when I am driving at the speed limit in freely flowing traffic in good weather, at times when the traffic is not too dense for counting without causing an accident)

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