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The Embalse de Riano in northern Spain. The picture was taken by .... me!

Sunday, July 23

Still down

Well, no blood spots yet, so very down. There is still two days but then we will be out of the window of opportunity.

The trouble is, each mnth she gets the sensations that would indicate fertilisation has taken place, but these feelings drop off suddenly at the time it should imlplant. So we think that eggs are being fertilised, but just not attaching themselves.

This is unhappy in two ways: -

Firstly, she gets all the excitement of thinking this is it, and then it isn't - a constant roller coaster of emotion which we could do without. We will now have to go on holiday and cope with the family in a small caravan while she is feeling upset and irritable.

Secondly, it implies that her body is indeed showing signs of age, and this measn that even if she does concieve properly she will be anxious about it right to the day of the birth.

A lady at church did have a 'word of knowledge' that God's plans for us would be fulfilled in his time, and that is encourageing, but we can't hang too much on it because it might have referred to all sorts of stuff apart from our desre for a pregnancy, and any way its easy to come up with a general sort of word like that, and the proof will be in the evidence.

I'm sure we are not alone in all these problems, but I od find it cathartic to be able to blog anonymously about it.

Roll on, the day when we can announce a pregnancy publically!


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