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Monday, June 4

Suicide risk post abortion

Follow this link for information about the increased risk of suicide following an abortion.

The article contains some statistics which i believe are misleading. it compares suicide rates among women who give birth and women who terminate. Not surprisingly, those who have abortions are more likely to commit suicide, and as a conservative evangelical christian you might expect me to jump up and shout "that proves it" - but i am skeptical of statistics which neglect the act that the ones opting for abortion were coming from a much more stressed condition to start with - otherwise they probably wouldn't be asking for the abortion in the first place.

I do believe that the balance of counselling in the UK is biased towards abortion and neglects its negative consequences, and I support the idea that women should know the full picture before making a choice. But I don't think one can seriously expect women to become experts on the issues and long term effects and make a balanced decision when the clock is ticking towards the legal limit.

In fact, whenever i hear about thsi kind of thing it is usually "ms X made the very difficult ecision to terminate"....and it usually makes me wonder if choice is really in the woman's best interest ...should we be dumping these difficult choices on them at their most vulnerable time?

In the end, although everyone always says "It's the woman's body", the child is not - it has a different genetic make up and has its own life and history and existance.

The other thing that really winds me up is the double speak that goes on. If a child is wanted, it is always refered to as 'the unborn child'. For example, if a woman 14 weeks pregnant is murdered, the news reports will say that she and her unborn child died in the attack. The child is included as a victim. But, if the woman has decided she doesn't want the baby, all of a sudden and quite irrationally, the language is changed (although the baby does not) and it is suddenly referred to by impersonal medical terms such as 'foetus'. Isn't this dehumanisation of the victim the way armies and terrorist groups justify their actions and pursuade their mebers to kill?

So it is this double speak more than anything else that tells me that in the final analysis abortion is murder.

But having said that, in the Bible, lesser punishments are prescribed for killing a foetus than for killing a baby after birth. so although it does have a right to life and its killing is wrong, it does not share the same rights as a baby after birth.

I'm enjoying writing this but I must stop and go home.

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