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The Embalse de Riano in northern Spain. The picture was taken by .... me!

Tuesday, February 24

Need a new client VII

I turned to my wife and said "If women are turned on by rich and powerful men, there won't be much of THAT happening in this house now"

I am out of work.

Today was my last day.

Went for a pub lunch with the colleagues. They gave me a bottle of wine and a card signed by half of them - lack of organisation by someone! the lunch was good but much to loud for the speech I had prepared. So I gave that to them in my goodbye email at the end of the day. Good food anyway.

Basically contractors are leaving in organisation in droves, some given their notice, others reading the signs and going while they can find somewhere else. It's like rats leaving a sinking ship. Those less specialised than me may walk into new posts. I have very little natural chance and rely on a miracle.

For example - on my desk after lunch I found that a colleague from the workplace fellowship had left a card containing a £100 gift voucher. God provides!

My one hope for re-employemt has not died yet. The client has not had internal discussions yet which they promised me they would do today to sort out my position, if any. I'll try them again tomorrow.

My old client also asked for details so that they can get me back when the market changes.

So tomorrow I am off on a day trip with my wife.

After that, paperwork to sort out tax matters and then phone up potential employers till I get bored. Fun!

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