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Wednesday, April 22

Me, a Vicar? II

Today I had my prayer session with my Vicar and assistant minister regarding my employment situation. They did pray, and well, on this topic, but also took the opportunity to press a bit more on the idea of me training for ordination.

I put to them my previous analysis, that on a fair assessment of my skills I don't really have it.

They said nobody has all the skills at the start of the training programme God does sometimes come through the mouth of a man rather than through gooey feelings.

So I agreed to think about it.

Came home to tell Mrs, but found the house empty. She was out on a walk. Pondering and meditating. And quite independantly of my conversation with the vicar this morning, thoughts came into her head that the idea of me as a vicar wasn't quite as daft as she first thought.

So when I told her about my meeting, her mind was very open to the possibility.

So after much talk and weighing of evidence we concluded that we have now heard from God, and we seek confirmation of this by Him now giving me work to keep as afloat financially while the training (if I do go for it) takes place.

This also fits with her own lack of direction over the years and the idea that being a Vicar's wife might give er more of a sense of purpose. We also discussed ideas such as her training for Readership. It's all exciting stuff.

One of the main obstacles to all this in the ast ahs been the children's schooling, but in the timescale we are talking about most of them will be leaving school by the time ordination and posting to some remote parish takes place.

So, watch this space?

Signed Rev SaintSimon????

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