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Sunday, May 17

Need a new client XVI

I have a possible telephone interview lined up this week. The client has seen and liked my CV, and is aware of what kindof money I am looking for, and has told an agency they want to arrange a telephone interview this week.

I've looked at the job description. It would involve running two teams in towns 50 miles apart, working as a project manager to deliever projects to the project approvals group in time, and also to generate a 'realistic' 10 year programme of works. Looks fun!

In every way the job is good - working on a contract basis renewable every three months, which would probably see me all the way through this quiet year.

The only downside is that it is 200miles from home. Mrs has previously accepted that I might need to work away from home, but now that she is faced with it as a realistic propsect, she balks at the idea. She is a woman of faith, usually more faith than me. So she believes that God has something better for us - a local contract job. But of course, when people are giving so generously to us, I can't really turn down what is essentially a good job.

So we shall see how the interview goes. It's not a done deal by any means. Generally my CV does look good but I do struggle to live up to it. I have done all thise things, but I haven't allways gained the maximum experience possible from them or fully understood what I was doing or remembered what it was all about. I do tend to swan through life in a rather blinkered and naive way. So it's hard to live up to the experience I claim.

The Lord knows, and I trust him to work it out for the best.

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