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Monday, April 2

The nightmare comes back. Not happy!!!

Mrs spoke to the curate about the possibility of her pre-school class bringing palm branches from their lesson into the church shouting Hosanna.

She was sent a polite letter, saying broadly “no, this had been discussed with the team and that it was not considered appropriate – we have to balance the conflicting wishes of the whole church, we don’t want the kids doing something every week and they can do something next Sunday. And PS don’t bombard the leaders with your ideas”

Well, at least they did her the credit of replying with a reasonably polite letter, which is a vast improvement on the previous church. But we were not sure how children waving branches and shouting hosanna could be deemed inappropriate for Palm Sunday.

It was even more upsetting when on the day the Curate was leading the service and announced that the kids would bring in palm branches shouting hosanna – and it was the older class (with the curate’s kids in), doing the very thing that Mrs had been told was inappropriate and not wanted And it was a shambles. Mrs would have done a much better job of it. And she has been left feeling totally betrayed again.

She really doesn’t look for these insults, but it seems her destiny to be treated like dirt by everyone in authority!

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