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Tuesday, April 3

Outcome of the meeting.

Doom and gloom, I’m afraid.

He thinks she is too old to apply for ordination owing to policies on cost of training v years service in return.

He won’t support candidates that he has known for less than two years. Which is right in many ways, but neglects the history of our case.

He suggested we go back to our old church and get them to endorse it. But since we left that church because they were overlooking her, it’s hardly likely that they will have changed their minds.

One view of course, since everyone keeps telling her implicitly that she is not wanted, is that in fact there is truly something terribly wrong with her and she shouldn’t be putting herself forward.
On the other hand, it may just be that she is a woman struggling in an institutionally sexist organisation.
Personally, as her husband who knows her intimately, there is plenty of cringe-worthy stuff on which I tend to focus, but there is also a huge amount of talent, gifting and calling that is not being utilised. And for every negative, there are people with greater negatives that have been ordained.

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