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The Embalse de Riano in northern Spain. The picture was taken by .... me!

Monday, April 23

Sailing – RYA level 2!

I have completed my sailing course and now am equipped with the RYA level 2 certificate. I am safe to hire a boat – NOT! I may be entitled to do so, but I really struggled on the last day of the course. This was partly because the main training officer who had been away for two weeks was back, so I felt more pressure, and also partly because I was already the weakest sailor on the course and so he ws watching me most and I felt under more pressure. So, where on week three I had done the three sided course well in both aft- and centre-main boats, this week I could barely get round it once. I lost control numerous times, dropping both the tiller and mainsheet. I got my head tangled in the mainsheet, and trapped, was unable to swap sides and capsized the boat. (Till then I was the only person on the course who had never fallen in). I generally had a torrid time, and didn’t enjoy it at all. It knocked my confidence. So I was actually very surprised when they gave me the certificate.

So my next goal is to hire a boat on Lake Windermere, but I had better go to some of the ‘social sailing’ Tuesday sessions at the local club first.

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