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Tuesday, May 22

Student Alpha

We are into the second week of our alpha course at work.

We have previously used the old Alpha express DVDs, but this time we are trialling the Student Alpha version.

This is a much better visual presentation than the outdated alpha express. It just looks more modern.

I haven’t yet seen all of the videos, but what I have seen so far seems to be very similar in content, just with different personal illustrations and references (Jamie Haith rather than Nicky Gumbel). So far it looks like a good decision.

The disappointing side is the low attendance. We only have one person coming. I suppose its not bad for a workplace alpha, but I had hoped for more. In the past we have had up to six.

We weren’t going to do the course this year, but someone found our details on the intranet and asked for it. So we didn’t advertise – one of our group said we should allow the Lord to bring the right people to us rather than waste an alpha course on people who were never going to take it up properly. The next day my colleague expressed an interest, so it was looking good, but in the end he decided not to come. He is Greek. He gets very animated in a debate, and he felt that he would ruin it for the others as he argues the toss on every point. I couldn’t disagree!

So please pray for our one delegate – it will all be worthwhile if she comes to faith. She is currently of a mixed philosophical/Buddhist way of thinking. Her family is mixed protestant/catholic, and the resulting arguments put her off the faith. But I believe God is still working with her, if he goes to the trouble of prompting her to ask for the course.

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