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Thursday, June 7

Ford KA power steering rack available

EDIT 29 July 2013 - ITS GONE. SORRY!

I have available a power steering rack for a Ford KA.

I used to own a Ford KA.  As they often do, it developed a leak in the power steering.  Around this time my parents bought me a new car, so I never bothered to get a new MOT on the Ford KA and kept it off road (SORN) so that my son could take it over when he passed his test.  When he passed, I bought a reconditioned steering rack, and a church friend was supposed to come and fit it for us for free.  But he never came, and my son's best insurance quote was a prohibitive £3500 so I never chased it up.

The KA deteriorated on the drive for over a year, and in the end I sold it for scrap last week.

I still have the reconditioned steering rack , which I never put on it, still in its box with the sale note.  I'm planning to move house and want to get rid of clutter.

If you want the steering rack, I'm open to offers.  I'm too disorganised to get round to posting it, so you would have to collect.  I don't particularly want to reveal my address on the blog, but if you are interested leave a comment with your email and I will contact you.


EDIT 29 July 2013 - ITS GONE.  SORRY!


  1. An area would be useful please. I am in the north east of England and would appreciate information to see if collection would be viable please.

  2. Hi Sillyb

    I've only just noticed your comment - hope it was not too long ago.

    My blog is supposed to be anonymous so I don't particularly want to reveal details here. Can you leave an email address? I would hen contact you direct and delete your comment containing the email.


  3. ....The email adress in my notifications setting was wrong, which is why I didn't notice your comment come in. Fixed it now.

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Thanks - I have sent a reply to your email. If you don't receive it please check you wrote the email address correctly

  6. The ford KA power steering rack has now gone to a new home and is now no longer available.