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The Embalse de Riano in northern Spain. The picture was taken by .... me!

Friday, June 29

SaintSimon does evangelism occasionally

Chatting with chinese lady colleague.  Comparing cultural differences.  Got onto cemetaries - a relatively new feature in china she tells me owing to the old belief that you had to keep the body handy for the afterlife.

Got onto Christian viws of afterlife, physical resurrection, and the question of what happens if the cannibal who ate the missionary then becomes a christian.

This got onto a much deeper presentation of the Christian faith.  She is of a bhuddist heritage but non-religious, although she feels that there is someone out there looking after her.

So I was able to expain about how most religions require good works to achieve whatever salvation they offer, but we can never meet God's 100% passmark.  And so, not wanting heaven to be underpopulated, he comes in the form of Christ to take on himself our sins.  So the sin is dealt with, and we are free.  Free to enjoy a restored relationship with him in which we do good for love, not for gain.

She was very taken, but too reluctant to attach Christian labels to the 'someone out there'.

Now I'm no good at that last little bit of pushing someone into 'making a decision for Christ' and saying 'the sinner's prayer'.

But I did give her the link to Student Alpha, and hopefully something will come of it.

Please pray that those hopes will be fulfilled.

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