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Thursday, October 18

Looking for a blackberry in Wales

My son managed to leave his mobile phone in the Travelodge when we went for my Dad's funeral.  I've phoned the hotel several times and they flatly deny any knowledge of it.

We tried phoning his number, and of course it was dead - battery flat etc.

But more recently, one of his friends phoned it, trying to contact my son, and got a man speaking with a Welsh accent.

So, we know that the phone exists, and is being used by someone, who no doubt has no intention of keeping within our contractual free minutes.

So I tried phoning again.  Rang for a long time.  No answer.  Rang again.  It was picked up, and I could hear rustling at the other end, but clearly no intention of talking to me.  Phoned again, no answer.

Sent a text, telling him that we know he knows it is stolen, and that if he just drops it off at the nearest phone shop we'll say nothing more.

Orchestrated all our family and friends to send him similar texts.

Tried phoning him again at lunch.  No answer.  Clearly fed up of all those texts!

Mrs can't get to the phone shop to cancel the contarct today. So he has until the weekend.

So I call on all the Welsh - denounce him and hand him over, or be condemned with him!  Yes, that is guilt by association!  If you don't hand him over you are endorsing him.  What? You don't know the guy?  What kind of excuse is that?

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