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Monday, March 25

Mrs MA - John's Revelation?

Today she is discouraged as she reads of doubts of the apostle's authorship of Revelation.

Of course, if one disbelieves that Daniel was a contemporary account, everything is up for grabs.  And there is a class of academic whose existence relies on new theories, on looking at things critically, etc.  And it is right that this should be done, but it can become an end in itself and not so much a search for truth as a search for a new angle, a new innovation.

Now fair enough, discussion of John's authorship is not new.  But the level of criticism - in the negative sense of the word -directed against the Bible is completely uprecedented.  No other historical work is expected to pass such rigorous tests of authorship.  Some of it is healthy - we don't want to base our lives on a fabricated myth.  But much of the criticism is in my view demonic - the adversary's strategy to undermine the book that reveals the Christ and reveals the ultimate downfall of the devil and his angels.

So I'm still not letting go of Daniel's lions, and I still believe that the Apostle John wrote Revelation.

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