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Tuesday, March 5

Mrs MA - setback

She's depressed today.

Having previously been infomred "Congratulations, you have passed all your modules" and told all her facebook friends about it, - she has now been told that actually she failed one out of the three and the result from another is not yet certain.

And with the one that she failed, it wasn't just a minor shortcoming that dropped a few marks below the pass line, it was a spectacular total fail in every aspect.

It was the first essay that she did.

She had tried to hand in a draft version as instructed by the course handbook, but was told by the tutor that he wasn't taking drafts.  Had he done so, he could have pointed her in the right direction a bit more.

She will have to do the essay again, but is already pressed for time and asking for extensions.

So since she always has major mood swings about this kind of thing, she is all doom and gloom today, and will no doubt change her mind five times over the next few days as to whether to continue the course or not and how to handle the fallout from it. 

So please pray for her, and also pray for me as I try to counsel her through this situation.

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