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The Embalse de Riano in northern Spain. The picture was taken by .... me!

Monday, June 10

Waxing lyrical

My weekend:

  • Arrange new phone contract for 2nd daughter
  • Buy banger (cheap old car - £600) for 3rd son (choose from Autotrader, phone up, vehicle sold (repeat), eventually get one still available, view, go home, move money around from one account to another, arrange insurance (£1500 for 19 year old, with black box), go to cash machine, back to dealer, buy car, follow son home anxiously.
  • Worst ever head louse infestation in 4th son – he looks like a freshly-poked anthill. Apply chemicals etc.
  • In between all the above, try to do the usual housework and attend to wife and 4 year-old.
  • Clean house frantically before church.
  • Church (Very good!!!! God IS real!!!)
  • 3 hairy lads from church having legs waxed for charity. Deemed inappropriate event for church building therefore doing it at our house (hence the cleaning). 27 teenagers from church plus youth leaders in crowd into our lounge along with the ‘beauty therapist’ and her large padded table thing. Very hot weather – windows wide open. Screams of tortured pain echo down the street. Funny looks from neighbours!
  • And lots of other hot exhausting stressful stuff.
Today - back to work for a rest!

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