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The Embalse de Riano in northern Spain. The picture was taken by .... me!

Friday, June 13

Moving? Bit by bit, maybe.

Following all the trauma of the complaint, Mrs now wants a new life, as discuss din my previous post "Really need your prayers". we have now made some accommodation for the kids desires. We still plan to get a house in the scenic area, but smaller. We will also buy/rent another small house in our home town (we also have tyhe small flat which we are buying with my inheritance)and remain here during the week until child nr 6 finishes his GCSE's, and only go to the scenic area at weekends, where we will start to develop relationships and find a church. We have put the house on the market, and have our first viewers this evening. Mrs has priced it for 'quick sale' - I believe we are giving away our pension. And I am less than convinced that leaving our big house and squeezing the family into two small ones and being away from them at weekends is really a sensible way to go forwards, in terms of practicality, in terms of have we got enough money, in terms of will anyone give us a mortgage for these arrangements, or in terms of will these really unite the family. But I can feel Mrs earnest desire to get out of this area and to have a future, so I go along with it. For now. But when she prays for a quick sale, I find it impossible to say Amen.

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