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Monday, June 23

Questioning God

The 'progressive' church I currently attend was looking at the doctrine of the Trinity this week. In paraphrase; the doctrine of the trinity has been a human attempt to define God in order to determine political power in the late Roman empire, and was (is?) used primarily to exclude and persecute dissenters.

OK, I don't disagree entirely. It is true that we are too quick to try to explain God - even if the explanation is in itself a paradox. And it is true that the church is quick to exclude and persecute dissenters.

But the doctrine of the trinity is not incorrect. It may be a simplification of the reality, but it is a simplification that humans need. And i have to say that dissent from the doctrine is not generally aimed at a clearer understanding of the mystery of God; it is usually aimed at the 'ungodding' of Jesus. And if Jesus was not God, then his death was nothing more than a tragic injustice and it cannot save us.

It's all well and good to be 'progressive', so long as that progress is in the right direction.

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