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The Embalse de Riano in northern Spain. The picture was taken by .... me!

Thursday, July 24

My miracle baby is now 6 years old

How we prayed for that baby.

The doctor had just laughed - with is head thrown back and for a long time - when  in our 40's and with six kids already we told him that we wanted a vasectomy reversal.  Under these circumstances it wasn't available on the NHS, so we spent £2500 for it to be done privately.  And then we took ages to conceive, with two miscarriages along the way.   Where was the God we believed had told us prophetically to have another child?

But then at last came the successful pregnancy, and the astonishingly beautiful little baby girl, who was such a great delight to us and to all that know her.  Six years later, she is still a delight, still wonderful, still beautiful, and now we also know she is bright, intelligent, confident, social.

She's not so great at church things though - "the Bible is boring".  She likes an active and creative Sunday school, and she likes Messy Church, but she shows little sign of any underlying spirituality.  Yet if God has purposed her into existence, we believe that that will come in time.  God has certainly used her as a catalyst for my wife's church work, and we believe that he will continue to use her albeit in changing ways as she grows older.

Happy Birthday, my lovely baby!

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