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The Embalse de Riano in northern Spain. The picture was taken by .... me!

Saturday, July 29

Decisions decisions

On a more positive note than the last post........

Bumped into an ex employee of my company this week. He now works ona contract basis, and wonders why he had never doen it before. Reckons he gets 30% - 40% more for doing the same work only with greater flexibility.

I wonder if he has done his sums right and accounted for holidays, pensions, etc. But it has set me thinking. Also - he may have been underpaid before, wheras I secretly suspect that I get paid quite well compared to others doing my job, and so if I went on contract I might even get paid less!

I had a chat with the guy who sits next to me - also a contractor -and he reckons that in the long runs it evens itslef out. BUt all the other contractors in the office, when the heard me muttering about this, chorused "DO IT!"

30% to 40% is very significant. But is it real?

So its something to think about and pray about during the holiday.

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