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The Embalse de Riano in northern Spain. The picture was taken by .... me!

Tuesday, April 14

Me, a Vicar?

My good Friday talk went well.

Then we joined other churches for a 'Walk of Witness' (nearly a walk of wetness but the rain held off) into the town centre, for a joint open air service outside the townhall. I was asked to do the Isaiah 53 reading. I tried my best, with natural expression, and it seemed to go down well.

Afterwards, my Vicar called me aside and asked if I had ever considered entering the minsitry (ie become a vicar). "a man with your skills.." he says.

Well if the Church of England wants a 'man of my skills' as a Vicar, then it must be pretty desperate.

Lets see now, how do I score?

  1. Preaching/teaching 5/5
  2. leading services 4/5
  3. faith 3/5
  4. prophetic gifting 2/5
  5. healing gift 0/5
  6. pastoral skills 1/5
  7. polictical savvy 0/5
  8. personal holiness 3/5
  9. strategy and vision 0/5
  10. natural leader 0/5

total 18/50

Which puts me ahead of many, I suppose. But seriously, I don't think I have what it takes. I don't want to do a Saul hiding in the baggage job, small in my own eyes, but on a fair assesment, I don't think its me.

Plus, I can't put the time aside for training, and can't feed a family of 7 kids either during training or on a vicar's stipend.

But if you have a word from the Lord directing me otherwise, let me know.

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