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The Embalse de Riano in northern Spain. The picture was taken by .... me!

Thursday, May 21

Interview report

Well, I'm still alive!

Generally, the interview seemed to go well - much better than I feared. I think I am probably through to the next stage, but it turns out that there are actually 4 candidates, and the next stage (a face-to-face interview) is two weeks away.

The interview took 40 minutes. There were two categories of questin - managerial and technical. I did remarkably well on the managerial side, but struggled a bit with the question about how to give bad news to people. I think he wanted someone who could be a bit more blunt. I also struggled a bit on the technical questions, which were mroe about managing technical questions rather than the technical stuff itself, and I went slightly off on the wrong tack. But overall, I think I did OK.

The job sounds even better than I thought. I would be in charge of about 40 projects! If I can get the job it will look really good on my CV, and will also be relevant on my ordination paperwork.

I am worried about the timescale: even if I am offered the job it could be over a month before I am at the desk, and all that time I am relying on gifts from the church. It's not on really. So, please pray that either it all gets accelerated or that something local comes up sooner.

Anyway, it has boosted my confidence. I feel that I have interviewed for the most senior job in my life, and come out OK.

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