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The Embalse de Riano in northern Spain. The picture was taken by .... me!

Friday, May 8

Need a new client XIV

None of the jobs I have been hoping for - not even the ones that semed so good that they must be 'The Lord's Will' - have been offered to me.

I am therefore feeling much lower than a few days ago when the future was much brighter. It's now less than a week before I visit the CAB and and have my IVA started. I really need something to come up in time for that.

Mrs is full of faith that it will be OK, and points to the kindnesses of the people in the church as evidence that God will provide [a job]. I also believe God will provide, but also see that sometimes he brings/allows hard trials, and I may have to go through with it. I hope Mrs is right!

Meanwhile I have downloaded and started training myself in the free version of the river modelling software, to help break into the river modelling world which seems to be my only hope at present (my specialism is wastewater modelling - you would think that water does the same whether it is in a sewer or a river and that's true, but the flow volumes are different, the physical structures are very different and the questions being asked about them are different, hence the techniques are different).

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