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The Embalse de Riano in northern Spain. The picture was taken by .... me!

Friday, May 8


While having my cup of coffee, I mused.

There are three ways my employments situation could go in the short term:
  1. Nothing. Zilch. Negatori. Nowt. Rien. Nada.
  2. A permanent job as a staff employee of some company
  3. A contract job - carry on as I was before I ran out of work.

In prayer I put these paths to the Lord, and asked him which one it would be, and what should I do, now, to bring it about.

I then played 'Holy Horoscopes' with my Bible, opening it at random. (That's always a dangerous game which I don't recommend - you might just as well do the I-Ching. e.g. "Judas went and hanged himself" - "Go and do thou likewise"). However, I picked up Isaiah 54 and 55, reading in 'The Message". These two chapters are full of how God is about to abundantly bless his people after a time of trouble, and that this is 'just around the corner'.

So that was answer number 1 - I believe that this means I will very soon get some contract work.

So what should I do to bring it about? The passage speaks only of what God is going to do, in his time, for his purposes, in his way. So it seems that I don't have to DO anything except wait patiently - answer number 2.

Now of course, I could be wrong. 'Holy horoscopes' is a dangerous game. So don't lose faith if next week I am still posting about unemployment. I still have to go through the motions of job-hunting.

But overall, I am enouraged to believe that in His typical style God will rescue me at the last minute. Or shortly after.

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