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The Embalse de Riano in northern Spain. The picture was taken by .... me!

Thursday, June 18

Slimy evangelism

"We are Abraham's seed" Gal 3:29

I always thought this was a poetic way of saying we are his decendants. A passive phrase. BUt of course 'seed' is a polite way of saying semen. Yes, that's the stuff. We are Abraham's semen. This makes the phrase much more active. Semen goes out into the world and creates new life, new children for Abraham.

So we need to splash out a bit more. (<-- yes I did say that)

(Now how can I preach this to the 9:30 congregation without causing offense?)


  1. Excellent! It is so much simpler than we are inclined to think! I appreciate someone who is actually looking at the problem and querying a solution.

    We have spent the last 15 years praying about evangelism and while we don't have the only solution, we certainly have a solution. We believe the personal testimony of the local church is the most powerful evangelism tool in their possesion. Like the woman at the well who said, come and see the man who told me everything I ever did. And many believed because of her testimony. So we join with a local church and find their seven most compelling testimonies of life change. Then our team of proffesional Christian writers interview and we create a high quality custom book for that church to use in outreach, evangelism and assimilation. (visit our website for a free sample book.) This remarkable Evangelistic cool goes a long way toward answering the questions you brought up. Allow me to elaborate.

    While manys struggle to communicate anything, let alone the gospel they are not alone. The people of the New Testament where not hugely articulate either. They didn't come to hear Jesus because they had experienced such a clear presentation of the gospel. They came because someone had told them a story of how Jesus had changed their life. Thats exactly what these books do.

    While this may be true, the other factor is that when they do approach a friend, it is a well known social faux paux to venture into religious doctrine. However, a personal tale or the story of a friend who over came a great trial by the strengthening power of God in their life far from offensive. And when that person is given a book that would sell for $15 dollars at the local books store, they are genuinely thrilled. And they read the book!

    An unattainable task is always demotivating. But when a lever is put in their hand the biggest bolders become doable. PUtting a realistic and powerful tool in your people's hands will greatly impact their motivation.

    Their is something very powerful about "Going Public" with your story. Like baptism, the public confession of your faith is a real motivator in walking the walk. You'll find as people begin to share their stories their lives are much more inclined to be inline with what they just said. Coming into the light will do wonders for our integrity.

  2. Thanks Darren, though I have to say yoir comment looks more like a cut-and-paste advert for your product than a genuine comment on my particular post!