Photo credits

The Embalse de Riano in northern Spain. The picture was taken by .... me!

Tuesday, July 19


Surprised myself by joining a yacht club on Sunday.

Sailing is not really my thing. I don’t get on well with cold, wet, or wind.

But my 11 year old has expressed an interest in sailing, and the opportunity is there, so it’s my parental duty to sign him up for it if I can. The only trouble is that they require adult supervision, so I have to join too.

Next my 17 year old, keen to join the RAF and needing every proof possible that he is THE BEST candidate, also wanted to join so he can demonstrate he has had adventure training. So by then it became cheaper to join as a family rather than as individuals.

I sent a text later to my other academic non-sporting son away on his summer job – “You are now a member of a sailing club”. He replied sarcastically “That’s convenient – just now I was thinking I really should get back into sailing!”


  1. you may get bit by the sailing bug, be prepared!

  2. Haha looks like you have being dragged into it by family, I hope you learn to like it as it looks like fun!