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The Embalse de Riano in northern Spain. The picture was taken by .... me!

Thursday, September 8


I've joined a sailing club. My son was keen to do something ative with water and boats, so I had made some initil enquiries with local clubs, but it seemed thta you needed to have your own boat. Out of the question! But then one of the clubs had an open day and we went along.

My son and I were given a taster session in a dinghy - i think it was an enterprise or something similar. I was skeptical - I dislike cold, wet adn wind. They put us to pulling the sheets for the foresail. It was quite a breezy day. I have heard people talking abot how the boat feels alive - and I really got that sensation. I got the bug.

It also turns out that THIS club has club boats available for its members. Also every saturday they do training sessions for the juniors in Optimists.

we joined. Now since he as a junior has to have an adult member with him, I had to join too. then my other son who needs adventure training for applications forms in his chose career asked if her could join too. Now the difference between our three memberships and a family membership was so small that I signed the whole family up - even those who have no interest in sailing.

Now my son has been in his trainng for about five weeks, and is already competently sailing his Optimist singlehandedly around a triangular course in moderate weather.

I missed the adult training course, for which I have to pay £100. They won't let me use the clubs boats till I have been on the course. I will go for it next April. And now I am also fantasining about buying my own second hadn dinghy - I've seen them for as alittle as £375 including the trailer. I'd have to put a towbar on the car. But then I can go and sail round any lake I want. More or less.

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