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Monday, June 11

Faith or Delusion II

We went to see that house again this Saturday.

Before we went in we prayed - "Lord, if this house is not your will then raise obstacles, but if it is from you then give us a good feeling while we are in there."

He gave us a good feeling.

Now lets stand back a bit - if we went into a showroom of fast cars saying the same prayer, it is quite likley that we would be seduced by the gleaming curves and the smell of leather.  It could still be delusion. 

But looking at the house, things that we had had concerns about and were checking on seemed to melt away.  The satndard of secor was generally OK to move in - not the deriliction we remembered.  The kitchen was actually very posh - we had previously been fixated on the ugly hole where the dishwasher goes.  It was all just generally better than we remembered.

It was a bit scary that they have cannibalised the radiators from the ground floor, but they say they will replace them.

And some of the weeds in the back patio have leaves that look like Japanese knotweed - but I think the stems and general shape are different.

And so we do feel that it is the Lord's will that we should at least start to enter negotiations with their idea of a house swap.

So we have sent them outline details of our house, and they still seem interested, and are coming to view our house next Saturday.  We have also booked 3 or 4 estate agents to value our house on Friday and to give us their valuations.  This week is the last frantic painting and furniture re-positioning.

And so it is all looking good.

But I'm still not sure where we will put all the kids to sleep.  There are fewer bedrooms, and Mrs wants to set up her 'Play church' through two of them.  She has even said I will have to start sharing her bed again - which would be good in many ways but I still snore and I've got used to having my own room.  I don't think she appreciates how much I need to have some man-space in the house.

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