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Friday, June 15

Faith or Delusion III

Well, this is an important day.

Spent days and weeks of extreme physical effort getting the house ready for sale, peaking in a strenuous climax yesterday.  The house looks so nice I don't want to leave (not that I ever did).

Today the valuers from 4 estate agents are visiting.

Mrs has sent me feedback from the first two.  One was very positive, but gave us a vauation around 90% of what we hoped for.   But then his agency always does low ("realistic") valuations.  The other was much less afffirmative, and was too gormless to actually value it himself.  Just asked - "How much do you want for it?", and when we told him he grunted acceptingly.

I'm still waiting to hear form her what the other two said.

Coming back to the first guy, he said that last year he would have valued it at £XXXk, which is the same as the hosue we want was valued at last year.  So that is encouraging.  He also said that his first estimate, looking at the hosue form outside unaware of our basement imporvement, was less than his final estimate by an amount that was equiavlent to 125% of the cost of the basement.  So even though prices have dropped considerably, we would still be making a profit on the basement element of it. 

Tomorrow is another important day.

The people we want to swap with are viewing our house.

So all the kids have been banned from so much as twitching for the next 18 hours!

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