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Wednesday, July 25

Fifty shades of grey II

Well, she bought it, but has banned me from picking it up. 

Then we've been through cycles of morality debate.
  1. She needs to read it to communicate with peers.
  2. That's just an excuse: it's porn and will pollute her
  3. She would object to me reading a male equivalent
  4. Therefore she will throw it away
  5. But before she does she will read enough to get the feel of what it's about.
  6. From a human perspective, I would like her to read it all, in the hope that it will awaken her post-menopausal hormones and make her more sexual, both in frequency and diversity.  (but see item 2)
  7. Her friends (some aka pastoral cases) are all talking about it (see item 1)
  8. etc
I think we are on step 5 at present.

Personally, I flicked through some pages and came to these conclusions:
  • It's for women (ie you have to flick through many pages before you get to the 'interesting' bit)
  • When it is 'interesting' it is quite strong in content and language - not like Mills and Boon euphemisms.
  • If she does try to read it all, since she is really quite civilised, she is most likely to find it too strong and bin it anyway.

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