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Thursday, July 12

Fifty shades of grey

A rather stuffy middle aged woman at church posted on her facebook page “I have got Fifty shades of grey – it’s not as good as I though”.

She’s not the kind of person you would expect to be redaing that book.

But scroll down on her page – it’s a monochrome copy of a Dulux colour chart – 50 shades of grey!

(Well. I thought it was funny).

Meanwhile my daughter, whose nickname at work id mysteriously “Greybone”, is now being called “Fifty shades of Greybone”.

My daughter’s friend had a copy of the book, so my daughter showed a page to my wife (I was away at work). She only scanned it briefly, but told me it was ‘very descriptive’.

We discussed.

Initially, my wife was saying it was a good thing: she distinguished it from porn because that is ‘in your face’ whereas this ‘makes you work’. Also, husbands would be excited to think their wives were reading it – probably true. (Blush). But I countered that it still corrupts, and that if I was reading a male equivalent she would not be happy.  She couldn't argue with that.

Later I confided to her that part of my vocal opposition was largely for the benefit of my eavesdropping daughter, to whom I need to set a good example, but that I would secretly be pleased for my wife to read it. (Blush again). Even though I still regarded it as porn and therefore technically sinful.

(Side story: she has lost her Kindle, which she was using to download scriptures and devotional books.)

This morning my wife said that maybe the Lord had hidden her Kindle to stop her from polluting it with 50 shades. She vowed not to download it, and reasoned that if she was right, her Kindle will re-appear today.

(Failing that, she’ll probably go and buy the book!)

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