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Monday, July 2

Ordination quest

Following last week's church where we went forward for prayer about ordination, Mrs has a previously arranged meeting with our assistant minister today (to talk about difficulties she is having with setting up a cell group she has been asked to do), and she reports that during this meeting she floated with the assistant minister the idea of Mrs being ordained together with me.  This is the first time we have mentioned it in such a formal way with our current church.

She tells me that it went down well - "she could see us both in ministry".

She was also helpful to Mrs in terms of shared expereinces of being hed back by sexism.

So, she is very encouraged.

There is the possibility that the assistant minister is just being polite, given that she is one of those we rowed with before and so she may be trying too hard to avoid furthre upsets.  But on balance I think it was right.

She also suggested that in her view, our ideas for the house we were going to swap with were probably incompatible with training for ordination.  I'm not sure why really - finance probably.  Maybe that is still going to be a future thing,.  But it does make it hard for us to know when we are and when we are not hearing form the Lord.

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