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Thursday, July 5

Scripture trumps Apostolic Succesion

I don't normally agree with triablogue - I don't like the tone or content.  But if you follow the link you will find a good explanation that Irenaeus {redited with initiating the doctrine of Apostolic succesion} considered that the Scriptures written by the Apostles take precedence over those installed by the Apostles and furthermore that with Apostolic Succesion comes the responsibility to continue faithful to the Apostles' written word rather than to 'develop' the teaching as the Gnostics claimed.

I do encourage you to read it.

[Edit: in 'normally disagreeing' with Triablogue's 'tone and content' I am primarily objecting to the attitude of their dispute with Arminians, although I too lean towards Calvinism.  For clarification: They also write some anti-racist stuff which I do agree with!]

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