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Wednesday, August 15

Old posts reviewed and compared to the present, and some future plans

I've been browsing over some of my old posts from January and February 2007.  They reminded me of what a rough patch we were going through at the time.

And to be honest, life is still very tough, but after the miscarriages of 2007 we now have a wonderful 4 year-old daughter who is a real delight and makes life bearable.  (Though she is going through a spoilt brat stage, that we are trying to get her out of while recognising our own shortcomings in this area).

The main outstanding problem is Mrs' rheumatoid arthritis, which seems to be increasingly crippling her.  She now struggles to walk more than a couple of blocks away from our house, and will usually ask me for a lift to the nearest bus stop before I go to work so that she can at least get some fresh air.

We are more comfortable at church, but still struggling with residual hurts from our time away and the things that caused it.  You know you have to let go, but it hard when things keep coming back to bite you.

Life is changing as kids move out to college.  Bills come down, but so does the child tax credit that has been an essential top-up to my income.  But there is also more freedom, especially now that our youngest starts school in September.

So Mrs has now decided taht she will do a full-time theology masters degree in all the free time she will have.  I'm not sure where she thinks the course fee is coming from, to say nothing of transport costs to the college, books, etc.  Hopefully she will spend less time in shops buying dresses and it will all balance out.

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