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The Embalse de Riano in northern Spain. The picture was taken by .... me!

Wednesday, September 26

My Dad's funeral

Went smoothly without serious hiccups. 

I travelled the previous day and stayed in a hotel. whereas my brother's family travelled in two cars on the day.  He himself managed to arrive just about on time but panicky and flustered, and his children walked into the service about 15 minutes late.  It was not all their fault.

the service was good - excellent hymn-singing.  About 80-90 people there.

The Eulogies were all really good, and showed him to be a man with an excellent balance between his passionate and committed missionary service and his love of his wife adn children.

Several people thought mine (see previous post "My Dad died to today)was the best which was quite gratifying, but of course those that didn't think so kept quiet.

The crem was very nice.

I must of course sing the praises of the ladies in churches who always seem to poduce a huge spread of sanwiches for the mourners.  They will have a huge reward in heaven!

Retired to Mum's (formerly 'Mum and Dad's') flat for a family time afterwards - just Mum, her three children and spouses, and the grandchildren with spouses and girlfriends.

It was all really good.

I kept my British stiff upper lip most of the time, but lost it a bit as the curtains closed in the crem with such an air of finality.  Furtunately a niece with foresight discretely provided me with a pack of tissues.

I suppose my main observation for learning would be that it is a bit brutal to wind the whole service up to the point where the curtains close and then that is the end and we are chucked out into the open to look at the flowers, without any wind-down before we go out.

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