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The Embalse de Riano in northern Spain. The picture was taken by .... me!

Tuesday, October 9

Generally better

Stage 8 regret again.

But God continues to speak.  This Sunday, being a joint service with our more traditional early service congregation, included the confession for the first time in ages, enabling me to deal with those issues.

Also, probably also as a result of Sunday, Mrs and I seem to be more friendly again. 

So when I stand up to preach next Sunday, I will feel more like a living example of salvation than a living example of hypocrisy.  And the sermon itself, which is quite a difficult one, is finally coming together.

At work, I'm finally getting on top of my main project.  The problems I have now - rather than simply trying to understand how the existing system works - are interesting design problems: trying to get water from the recirculation pump off take to the final effluent pumping station, while keeping it above the invert step and below the humus weirs, and in such a way that the flow measurement chamber doesn't end up blocking access to the FEPS substation and also providing sufficient cover to the pipes and minimising excavation in the contaminated ground.   We also need sufficient straight length upstream and downstream of the flow measurement, and ideally a free discharge into the FEPS.   Tricky!

The last five weeks have been very dark for me, and only now do things look brighter.

I sometimes wonder if I am having bouts of "Depression", or if its just a natural and healthy way to feel about the stuff that has been happening.

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