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The Embalse de Riano in northern Spain. The picture was taken by .... me!

Monday, October 1

God speaks. To me. Personally.

Episode 1:  Praying for guidance on a particular issue - whats best to do?  what should I say about it?  Answer: in the evening, reading my daughter's bedtime story about some random Disney princess, the hero is given a shield of VIRTUE and a sword of TRUTH.    Somehow all the words seemed feint and grey and blurred, excpet those two which seemed to be in heavy black bold.

Episode 2: Feeling very depressed.  I'm a failed christian, a failed father, a failed husband, a failed engineer, a failed preacher, a failed driver, a failed citizen etc ....... Arrive home, teenage daughetres wathing MTV, which is playing a song (Bruno Mars or NeYo???? I don't know I'm too old) which says "Let me love you till you love yourself".  Like episode 1 - it hit me, bang between the eyes.

Episode 3: Too long to explain in detail.  The strong and challenging Sunday sermon was about discipleship.  Afterwards there was an opportunity to hold on to the large cross at the front of the church and receive prayer for re-dedication.  Came out feeling brighter than I have done for a while, no longer blaming everyone else for the previous dark weeks.


  1. Hi Steve

    Thanks for your invitation to follow your blog.

    Sorry: it's a 'No'.

    1) I don't follow blogs becasue it distarcts me from my work
    2) It seems a bit self-seeking to ask for followers
    3) I had a look at your blog, and on an aesthetci level it didn't work for me. The large black type on a white back ground made me feel I was being shouted at.
    4) Similarly, the content and tone made me feel I was being shouted at
    5) Without having studied your wroting in detail, I get the impression that you believe it is possible to lose your salvation by not enduring or by having your name blotted out. These would make it a doctine of salvation by works rather than by the grace of God. I don't believe you can be 'un-born again' or 'unadopted' or 'dis-elected from the foundation of the world'. I know one should not ONLY read blogs you agree with, and I accept that I may have got you wrong with my brief skim read and apologise if this is so. But 1 to 4 would still apply.