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Tuesday, December 18

Local Church response to gay marriage

I have not been returned to the PCC since my return to the church (there has been no opportunity). So I awaited with anticipation the outcome of the PCC ‘conversation’ on gay marriage last Tuesday.

It’s statement was published in the church bulletin this Sunday.

In summary: “Everybody is very welcome at the church but marriage is between a man and a woman and everyone else can be celibate”.

I was surprised at such a lurch to the right, given the support the church showed for Obama a few weeks ago. And I also thought even the vicar was moving on the matter, having expressed some acceptance of the fact of civil unions.

So I speculate that the PCC may be a little unrepresentative of the church.

I think the statement fails, because ‘welcome’ is more than a word: it’s what you do. And no matter how much we say ‘welcome’ to gay people, they will not FEEL welcome at our church.

I had wanted to intervene by writing to the PCC beforehand putting forward my pro-gay position based on conservative Bible study methods – liberal for conservative reasons. But I didn’t really have time, and had a gut feeling that God was deliberately keeping me out of it.

This may have been for my protection – to stop me being attacked by the hard conservatives or from being seen in the wrong light by the PCC generally.

Or it may have been His way to prevent me from contaminating the church with my licentious views.

Having prayed for that PCC meeting, I have to accept that this is God’s will for my church at this time. Difficult!

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