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The Embalse de Riano in northern Spain. The picture was taken by .... me!

Thursday, January 31

Money mistakes update

We have bumped along the bottom, but basically OK.

We had enough reserves to get us through to Tuesday. Her cheque did not clear (told you so) but we had just enough food left in the freezer and just enough petrol until Tuesday evening. Wednesday would be the real test – would God bail us out?

Along the way we found odd £1 coins in various places, got an unexpeted refund on something, etc, just odd pounds to get us through.

Eventually we bottled it. We lost our nerve, and late on Tuesday borrowed £25 from our university son just to get us through to Friday. But when I looked to see if it had arrived in the bank, I found that the direct debits we had cancelled but which had been paid anyway had now been re-credited to the account. So if we had not interfered, God’s provision was there.

And now today her cheque has cleared. So we are out of the woods.

We have a lot of hassle sorting out the direct debits again, and our daughter told her boyfriend’s family we have no food in the house (we do, it’s just that she’s picky). But in our hour of need God provided our need.

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