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Monday, February 4

What accord has Christ with Belial?

My Christian daughter has a non-Christian boyfriend.

She is only a couple of months off her 18th birthday, so its not really the time to be issuing harsh decrees that she should dump him.  But please join my prayers that this will come to a natural end soon.

The boy is actually very nice, and form a nice family.  If we were not Christians ourselves, we would be delighted.

But he has always found it hard to feel accepted in our house.  He has been literally afraid of me - not that I am going to do him violence but that I disapprove of his relationship with my daughter.  Well, yes!  I genuinely have nothing against him; it's just that relationships between Christians and non-Christians do not work.  Quite apart form the theology and the verse quoted in my title, if people have different goals, different world views, different moral foundations, its not going to work.  And its usually the Christian who changes (losing faith) rather than the other way (the non-Christian coming to faith).  This is already illustrated by him converting her to support the local blue soccer team when we are a red family.

But the bit I don't really get, is that while trying to win our favour and prove he is a good man for our daughter, he proceeds to post onto Facebook quite vicious attacks on Christianity.  Mostly aimed at American Fundamentalists (who in my opinion get what they deserve, but it is guilt by association).  He is poking us in the eye while complaining we don't accept him.

So, pray please for a natural end with minimal mutual hurt and heartache as soon as possible.

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  1. Im a bit traditional in many ways. Not that i always was, for in the season i was not serving Christ i was definitely against anything called Christianity.
    When I turned my life to Christ many of the things i rejected suddenly became right. For instance in Panama where i am from there is a "courting" season, and depending on the family that "courting" season includes the "parents". In guatemala, that courting also includes the parents family and while some of this is extreme, i have to say that anyone trying to court my daughter, will have to win me over as well. Of course if he is an unbeliever, I would not permit my daughter to date him. but since you have i would say he needs to in the very least show respect to your views since he is interested in your daughter. Now respect doesn't mean adherence but it is one way of honoring you. The interesting thing is that when kids dont honor the parents before marriage when they get into marriage crisis dads are hard pressed to enter in and help since there is no respect to his views.