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Tuesday, April 2

Grief misplaced

This weekend some low-life decided that they did not need to hand in my lost Samsung Galaxy SII at the reception desk of the swimming baths, preferring to keep it for his/her own benefit.
So I’ve contacted my network and had the phone locked.
Now I discover the benefit I would have had if I had said ‘yes’ to the insurance. I have been quoted £350 for a new one. The second hand shops in the town can only drop that to £250. These costs are untenable with my current finances.
My only hope is that I may be able to negotiate with my son to inherit his iphone.
I am lost without my phone. I used it for
  • Alarm clock
  • Phone
  • Text
  • Email
  • Banking
  • Maps
  • SatNav
  • Camera
  • Alarms
  • Calendar
  • Bible
  • Notebook
  • Internet 
  • News
  • Weather
The thing that makes me guilty is that because I used my phone almost constantly whereas I only spoke to my Mum once a week when convenient, it has had a much more noticeable impact on my life and in one sense I grieve more for the phone than I do for her. Together with the fact that in practical terms my Mum is better off in heaven with her God and her husband than she was being bundled from Care to Hospital and back.

So while Mum is clearly the more important thing and I will feel that permanent loss over a long period of time, the phone is the more immediate thing but I only feel that loss until I get a replacement.

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